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Friday, January 23, 2015

Mixed Media Canvas...

Who loves canvas?  ME!!!

I've been having some fun with mixed media again lately and managed to get a few things done for CHA.  This is one of them.  I've showcased the 'Little Loves' stamp from our CHA Saturated Canary release.  You may have seen this project in our CHA booth pics, but I thought I'd give you a little idea as to how this project came to life.

Whenever I start a project, I usually have a very fuzzy idea of what I want to do.  For this one, I knew I was going to use 'Little Loves' on canvas somehow and I wanted there to be a lot of texture around her.  I started digging through my metal trinkets and flowers and grabbed some stencils.

I used a molding paste to create the texture with the stencils.  I then applied a coat of gesso to the entire canvas.  It dried completely and I then spritzed some color randomly around the canvas.  I temporarily placed the 'Little Loves' pic (gently colored with watercolors) in the center and began to hot glue the metal trinkets and flowers around it.  Once they were all in place, I set the pic aside and began applying a coat of gesso to all of the flowers and trinkets.  After drying, I applied a coat of teal paint.

Once dry, I used a dry brush to gently apply a coat of gold paint to highlight some areas of the metal trinkets and flowers.

Lastly, I carefully slid the 'Little Loves' pic into place and secured it with glue.

The gorgeous Victorian styled sentiments are from our Vintage Affections line:  Love and 
Girlfriends (from out CHA release)

I apologize for the lack of detail in the description.  I completed this project a month ago and don't remember some of the product details.  However, I will be posting more videos to the LDRS YouTube channel in 2015 and they will include mixed media projects!!!



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