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Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day...

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I was so incredibly busy this week that I ALMOST forgot about Valentine's Day!!!  Could you imagine?  I wasn't worried so much about me, but my son would have gone to school without Valentines to hand out to his classmates and I would have been clear out of the running for the 'Mother of the Year' award :-/

Fortunately, we had a house guest on Tuesday night and he just happened to show me a pic of the Valentines that his wife made with their kids.  They were simple and adorable.  So, he sent me the online link to the .pdf's and away we went!  It ended up being a family affair as hubby, son and I all got involved and created a bit of an assembly line.  It was a really fun project to do together and the result is super cute!

(took the pic with my phone and the colors on the paper are not showing up as pink as they really are)

Here's the link in case you want to give it a go next year ;-)

I would like to wish you all a very Happy Valentine's Day!!!
I hope you'll be spending some time with your loved one/ones.  Hubby and I are going out for a 'grown up dinner' and our son will be spending the night at his friend's house :-)



Saturday, February 8, 2014

Izzy's Stroll...

Hello Everyone!

Well, it would seem that this is my very first post of 2014!  Obviously, I'm already behind on my New Year's resolution to spend enough time in my studio to make at least one project per month.  But, it has been so busy behind the scenes at LDRS so I can't really complain :-)

My awesome hubby planned a wonderful Father/Son day today so I took the entire day off work because I was just itchin' to paint!  Ever since I first saw her, I've been wanting to work with our CandiBean 'Izzy's Stroll' image.  She is just so sweet and I LOVE that braid!!!  And she's just where I want to be right now, in a Spring meadow with my puppy...love her!

I grabbed my DI's and started painting and this is what I ended up with.  I do hope you like her!

Izzy's Stroll

As I said, she is colored with DI markers and water.  I finally feel like I'm getting the hang of the markers.  I messed up her hat when I first started painting and almost threw it away to start over.  But, I always feel like...if I can fix this, then I'll learn a lot from it...  So I kept going and I really like how it turned out :-)

Did you happen to notice the three places that I used the LDRS Lovely View die???  One is kinda hidden in the top right corner, and I actually cut one in half to create the border on the left side.  The vintage Victorian lacy edge creates such a feminine feel to this card.  It's just such a beautiful die!  It's currently up for pre-order and is scheduled to ship mid to late March.

The beautiful red/white plaid background and the dainty white flourishes on the right side of the card were cut using the LDRS Darling Square die set.  This set is soooooooooo gorgeous!!!  And it contains all the pieces you'll need for a gorgeous card shape, layers and embellishments!  It is also up for pre-order and will ship in March.

Yup!  Still more photos!  Sorry, it's been a while since I've crafted so I couldn't stop taking photos!  LOL!!!
The dp's are by Maja Design.  They are 12x12 and from their 'Life In The County' collection.  I sooooooooo wish they had these in 6x6 pads!!!  I would have them in the LDRS store in a heartbeat if they did.  But, as it is, I have added both the stunning Maja 'Vintage Spring Basics' and Vintage Summer Basics' 6x6 paper pads to the store.  Inventory is limited so grab them while they last!

And lastly, here is a close up of Izzy.  I'm often asked which colors I used and I don't always keep track, so I do apologize.  Part of the problem is that I use so many colors and variations of color that my table ends up in such a mess!  In order to move on to the card assembly I need to tidy up a bit and always forget to write down the colors first!  This time, I do remember what I used.  However, I have been asked to do a video tutorial of this project so I'll be keeping you in suspense for just a little while :-)  It'll take me a couple weeks to get it together so stay tuned!



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