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Monday, December 31, 2012


Hi Everyone!  I'm ba-ack!  Wow...it's been so long I almost forgot how to post something!  I've been so swamped with work.  The only time I see my studio these days in when I walk down the hallway to my son's room :-(  My New Year's resolution is to spend at least 6 hours in my studio each month.  That should be enough for me to make two projects per month.  I really miss coloring and I'm not sure how I will do once I get back to it.  Hopefully my hands won't be shaky!

So, we're getting ready for CHA.  The pallet has been shipped and I'm leaving in just 10 days. I'm totally overwhelmed with things to do.  My son starts school again on the 7th so that only gives me a couple full days to get things done before I leave. 

We've got several new things to show off at CHA.  The first sneaky peek for you is some of the fabulous heavy duty 12x12 double-sided scrapbook papers that we're releasing!  Yes, heavy duty!  These papers can all but stand on their own!  I'm not a fan of those super thin papers :-(  When I put a project together I want there to be some weight to it! 

We decided to go with 12x12 papers instead of the 6x6 packs so that everyone can enjoy them.  They're not just for card making!  Scrapbookers can us them too!  But, we've kept the patterns smaller so that the designs are still recognizable when the papers are cut in smaller pieces like we do when making cards.  That's always been the reason why I would pass by the larger papers at the scrapbook store.  But you won't have to worry about that with our papers! 

Another reason that I like the 12x12 size is that they're easier to use for altered projects.  You can't cover much real estate with those smaller paper pads!  And, they're double-sided so you never see that plain white 'other side of the paper'. Yuck!  And another thing... what about those giant dies that we like to use for making funky shaped cards?  You can make those beautiful card shapes with gorgeous papers that have the smaller designs!  Cool huh?

Here's a sampling of two of the designs from the new LDRS 'Summer Sorbet' collection.  This collection is full of gorgeous summer colors like pink, orange and green.  The patterns are whimsical and playful.  You can mix and match them in so many ways that the creative possibilities are endless!  We're releasing the full collection at CHA.  You can always get them at the LDRS online store, but check with your favorite retail store if you want to be able to get them locally. 

That baby girl in the center there is my Chloe.  She's a 10 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi and she captured my heart the moment I held her in the palm of my hand.  I had made a scrapbook page for summer CHA and couldn't bear to have it go to waste.  So, I popped into my studio for all of 5 minutes, ripped the page apart, and renewed it with our LDRS 'Summer Sorbet' collection.  I love it even more with the new papers!  Chloe likes it too.  She gave it her 'sniff of approval' :-)

Well everyone...this is my final sign off for the year.  I will be back again next year :-)  Thank you all for such amazing support and kindness throughout the year.  It has been remarkable!  I wish you all the very best of health and happiness in 2013 and beyond.  Have a wonderful evening and be safe tonight!

Hugs and kisses,



Hellma said...

All the best for 2013.

Linda Simpson said...

Happy New Year Angie! A fabulous layout and stunning photo of Chloe. Wishing you good luck at the CHA.

Linda from the UK xxxx

Liz's creative corner said...

Belated happy new year wishes to you, love your page, fabby pages and love your doggy, hugs Liz xx

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