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Friday, June 1, 2012

Hi Everyone!
  I'm still here!  I haven't had a whole lot of crafting time lately and I really miss it.  It took me two weeks, here and there, to get a project together for tomorrow's monthly card class at my house.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about being so busy.  The things that I'm working on are a part of something really great.  I'm just missing my studio and all of you.  Once July is past, I should be able to relax a bit and get back to a slower schedule.

That being said, Claudia is coming over tomorrow and I'm looking forward to having some time to talk and color together.  She's bringing her kids and our boys will have a blast together.  While they play we're going to try to color, but I'm guessing that we'll do more talking than coloring!  I do have a project to work on for Magnolia-licious and I really want to post it on Monday.  I'm crossing my fingers that I can make some real progress on it tomorrow.

So, now I'm off to bed.  I've got an early class tomorrow morning and then a fun filled afternoon with Claudia and the kids.  I will see you back here soon!

Hugs to you all,


1 comment:

Thea said...

Busy, busy, busy! Here also.... normal work at the insurancecompany, wedding from our best friends, bicycle-tours, party from my our parents 45th anniversery of there wedding, etc. etc. I am always saying, good things comes slowly ;-)

Hugs Thea

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