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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Photos of the Magnolia shop...

Hello Everyone!  I'm back with the photos that I promised.  Sorry it's so late today.  I've been going nonstop all day and I'm looking forward to feeling my head hit the pillow.  Today I have some photos of the Magnolia shop in Boras, Sweden.  It is such a beautiful store.  When you walk in, you can just feel the joy that went into creating it.

This is the entrance to the Magnolia shop.  The store, offices, and manufacturing facility are spread across the entire first floor of the building.  It's pretty large so I didn't get a photo of the entire building.  It actually goes further left and makes a turn into an L shape.  The morning of the re-opening, there was a line of people waiting for the shop to open.  I was told that someone arrived super early and slept in her car so she could be one of the first 50 people and get the special gift bag.  I never did find out what was in that gift bag!

Here's a closeup of the front door, just to make you all drool a bit.

This is what I first saw when I came through the front door and entered the shop.

Here is the infamous suitcase by the entry way.  Each unmounted stamp in this case sells for 10kr, which is about $1.50 USD.

More of the store...

This table of unmounted stamps is the main event in the store.  It houses bins of unmounted stamps from many collections.  You can also see that there are cards and projects by DT members on display all over this table.  There are many more throughout the store.

Here you can see just how long this display is.  I was a kid in a candy shop!  I had to keep wiping my chin so I wouldn't get any drool on the stamps!

This is a little cafe that is in the new home decor section of the store.  They offer sandwiches, salads, fabulous desserts and drinks.  I recommend the rhubarb pie with creme sauce.  It contained about 1000 calories, but it was worth it!

Here's the magnificent Diana Crick at her Scor-Pal demo table.  Doesn't she look great in black?

This is Camilla's demo table.  I think I took this photo before the shop actually opened to the public.  See the pretty Chrismas tree in the background?  I purchased a few of their gorgeous glass ornaments for our tree.  I'll be thinking of Sweden when hanging them on our tree each year.

Here are some photos of the stunning new home decor products.  They are all so beautiful and wish I could have shipped a few boxes of product home.  As it was, I had to purchase another suitcase for all of the stamps, embellies, papers, clothes, etc., that I purchased. 

Do you see the snowman card???  Commit it to memory, for you may see it again somewhere.  Notice the little clock on the shelf?  I bought one and it's so pretty.  I also fell in love with the tin house on the top shelf.  It reminds me of Edwin's town.

And here we are!  From left to right...Lillemor, Camilla and Me.  This photo was taken at the end of the day after we'd been doing our demos all day, so I'm not looking that great :-(  The sweatshirts are courtesy of the lovely owners of Magnolia.  It was the most wonderful surprise when they presented me with it when I arrived at the store that morning.  I will cherish it always.

Well, that's all I have for today.  I would like to thank John and Barbro for their kindness and generosity during our visit to Sweden.  I have yet to meet anyone nicer.  They welcomed us into their country and their hearts.

In the next couple of days, I will have some photos of our visit to Stockholm that you will not want to miss.




Jasmine Wilmany said...

That's so cool. Thanks for sharing. Very interesting to see what it looks like. :)

Danielle Champagne said...

thanks Angie for sharing, it does look like Ali baba's cavern for Maggie lovers!!! Wish I could visit.

Cecelia said...

This is great! The shop looks so beautiful. Sounds like you had a great time;0) This may be a long shot, but does that snowman card belong to Mindy?

Cecelia B

Ageeth Holster said...

Wauw from the outside it looks so small but then after that door .... great! don´t worry you looks good on the picture.
Hugs Ageeth

Shirl said...

Oh my, everything in that shop would have gone to my shopping basket if I was there, LOL! Thank you so much for sharing these photos with us...and btw, you look great!

paola said...

OH MY WORD!!! Angie, girlfriend i was really liking you until i turned green and saw how lucky you are to have gone to Maggie home, now i just gotta pick my jaw up off the ground and drool. I had to show my husband all these pictures you shared with us humble maggie lovers, now he wants to know if he needs to book my next holiday to Sweden, he he.
You very lucky girl!! thanks for shairng, will be coming back again to drool some more.
P.S: the closest i can hope to get to seeing all this stuff in the flesh is the Birmingham show next month in the UK

cabio's craft corner said...

Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful photos Angie. I think I would need multiple bibs with me if I ever go and I think if my husband goes with me, he might need a handcuffs to put on me in case I shop til I totally empty my purse, lol :o)

craftymum said...

Wow Angie
I am envious. I want to LIVE in that shop. You must have had the best time ever.
Thanks too for sharing all your wonderful cards with us too. Its gives great inspiration
Love Sarah x

Anonymous said...

Magnolia is the most beautiful shop for paper crafting I have ever seen. I live just outside Borås so as you can imagine I visit them quite often. Glad to hear that you enjoyed your visit in Sweden.
/Hanna xx

Andrea said...

this is a beautiful SALUDOS DESDE COSTA RICA

Marijke said...

Hello Angie,

Thanks for sharing these beautiful photo's!
Looks to me you have a real GREAT time there in Sweden!
I hope to visit the shop myself one day.
Look forward to see your photo's from Stockholm!


Christina C. said...

Thank you so much for sharing those wonderful photos....fabulous!
I hope to visit that shop next year!
Looking forward to the photos from Stockholm.

Anonymous said...

So cool Angie!! The shop is so beautiful!! It looks like you had a wonderful time! Thank you for taking the time to share your photos!!!

RubyM:) said...

OH Angie we are so thankful you are sharing pictures with us.SIGH... Just hope some day maybe some day i could take a trip out there.WOW YOU DID FULL FILL ME WITH ALL THESE GORGEOUS PICTURES.Please don't stop we wanna see more lmbo!!Diana looked like she was having a blast. Thank you thank you for sharing hun,RubyM:)

LOVING YOUR SWEATER GIRL!!! I'm drooling on that one lol!

Miranda de Groot said...

This brings back memories. I've been there in June when I was on holiday. It's like a big candystore.
Greetings Miranda from the Netherlands

Carla aka scrappypug said...

wow what a wonderful treat to see the shop and all the goodies!

stephanne said...

Oh my gosh, that is soooooo cool!! Their shop looks gorgeous, my goodness, all that sweetness under one roof, incredible!! Thanks for sharing the adventure with us!!
hugs, stephanne

Hege-Annie Simonsen said...

Cool! :)

Maria said...

Hi Angie,
Thanks for sharing the pics of the new store and the wonderful new products. I had to laugh when you bought a new suitcase for all the goodies you bought cause I could soooo see myself doing the same. I still can't get over the $1.50 bin ~ wow. I think I would have started with buying one of each for sure. Hugs, Maria

charlene said...

Angie thanks so much for sharing your trip with us all ! The shop looks devine to say the least. Great pictures of you all !

MarieL said...

Thanks for sharing all those pictures of the store. It looks absolutely wonderful. I love scandinavian decor. Such clean colors and all those goodies...amazing

Lillemor said...

I can see that you and Diana really had a good time i Stockholm! Such beatiful photos you took, I just love them. It was a great day at Magnolias reopening, but I was pretty tired at the end...;o)
I hope you hade a good journey back to Michigan and I would love to come to your distressclass! But It´s a little to far away for me this time, maybe next!?
Bye bye from your dtpartner Lillemor

Jean said...

So glad you are back and you and Diana had such a great time.. Sure would love to go over there just one time in my life time, but will just have to live about it through your pictures and your memories (THANK YOU FOR SHARING).. so glad your enjoyed it and had the chance to go and meet with Lillemor, Camilla, John and Barbro. Just sounds like so much fun, but even though you missed your son and husband, wasn't it worth it? Sure it was.. Gotta live once.. and your deserve it...
Hugs, Jean

Candy said...

Oh thank you!
Your pictures are so clear and you seem to have got everything in!!! I am so excited that you got to go :o)
Hugs, Candy

Gina L said...

Thanks for these great pics. I've wanted to go there and now I want to go even more!

candace said...

Oh gosh Angie !!! I think I would have to sell my car to bail myself out of the debts by purchasing everything in the store ;)

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