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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Another CANDY, but you've got to make me laugh!!!

As you can see, I'm feeling very generous today :-)  This CANDY was inspired by my son and how he never ceases to surprise me.  First, the CANDY will consist of 4 stamps of your choice from Magnolia-licious.  That's right!  4 stamps on me and Diana Crick, the awesome owner of Magnolia-licious!

All you have to do to enter to win is leave a comment on this post telling me something funny from your past or present.  For example, I now know that no matter how high a child's IQ may have tested, he will still find it hilarious to shove things up his nose.  I learned this today from my 6 year old :-)  Fortunately, the thinga-ma-jigs fell right out.  Just so you know, the part that I find funny is that his IQ actually is well above the genius level, yet he still does typical '6yr old' stuff.  He will argue his opinion like a master debater and then put his finger in his nose.  It's just so confusing!

Whoever makes me laugh the hardest...wins!  It's that simple.  I will announce the winner on Wednesday night (November 3rd).

Have fun and MAKE ME LAUGH!



Regina said...

Angie!!! Hope you can understand my english!! (LOL) I gave an "havaianas" slipper to my GD (she has 3 years old) on Child´s day and she loved it because it is pink and violet. She gave me a big hug and said: " Grandma!! If I win in the lottery I´ll buy you a lovely home!!"
It was funny and at the same time so cute!!!

Have a wonderful Sunday!!!

Love and hugs


Heather said...

Well you'd think the normal child would acquire a few more brain cells over the years, but apparently not. My 22 year old daughter loaned her car to a friend named Cocky and he totaled it and ran off. Imagine that but who in there right mind loans something to someone named Cocky???

I really liked the nose store. My brother did that one only it required a trip to the ER. They shouldn't make Lego's that small..

Hope your having a fabulous Halloween. Love your blog!!

paola said...

Not sure you will find this funny, but we thought it was. My kids are all at the age where they hate the opposite sex and have decided that they are never getting married or leaving home, not my four year old: She got into trouble about a week ago, she turns to me with her hands on her hips and says "you know one day i's gonna leave your house", so i asked her where she was going? her response was that she is gonna marry the Rabbi's son and leave my house. Now if you knew my little smart mouth you would know that no rabbi's son would put up with her lip for long. From the mouths of babes. I geuss she is my baby so gets away with a lot.
Sure you gonna have a lotta laughs with your request so i will be sure and check back, thanks for the chance at getting a few more stamps.

Rene said...

My husband would kill me but here is mine: my girls call the iPad the iPoo because daddy always takes it into the bathroom!
Happy Halloween :D

purplecow45 said...

one of my fav stories about my Jamie was when is he was about 3 years old he was told not to cross the street, but when I went in the house for a minute I came back to find him across the street, I ask him why he crossed the street he told me that a big helicopter came down picked him up and took him across the street,this is just one of his bid tales

sandy said...

I can't make you laugh but I can say Rene - your comment is hysterical!

Christina said...

Oh I have one!! This past summer I was trying to potty train my 2 yr old DD and we were doing good. Then I got a call that my father was in a fatal accident:( so out of town I went for a little over a month. I tried to stick to a schedule with her! But I was running around closing things out and dealing with his insurance. Well when we got home she was not at all into potting anymore! So her dr. told me to let her get back in her on world for a while and then we should start again. She turned 3 in Sept and at the end of the month I started again. I bought Dora stickers if she sit on the potty for 1 min and her favorite candy if she would go pee. Well if she did number 2 she got to pick a cheap dollor toy out of the gift bag. All was going good for the stickers and candy. Well she really wanted a toy so one day I caught her stuffing her full diaper in her potty and she looked up and said "mommy I went pooo!" It was to cute!

scrapaholic paperjunkie said...

Angie, any of us with boys knows the old "nose" trick. You made me remember a couple of trips to ER (3 boys all experimented).
It also brought back a memory of our two oldest. They had been grounded and packed their suitcases....One son took his clothes along with his piggy bank, the other a jar of peanut butter. They stood by the door saying they were going to live with "Nanny" (my mom)but asked sheepishly for a ride to the Bus Station. Those days are long gone -- but ahh the memories linger. This isn't a funny story - but it is an awwwwwwwwwwe cute story.
Congratulations to the lucky winner of the candy!
Rubber hugs, inky wishes, Cricut chirps and cuttlebug squishes,

Chris said...

Life with very bright children can be a challenge, and as long as you go with the flow, you won't get too many extra gray hairs!

Our DS is also very, very bright. It took two of us to stay ten steps ahead of him. Here is something our DS taught us - never, EVER give a child a very long name! Here's why:

When DS went to kindergarten, he started writing "Ed Ed" on his papers instead of his name. The kinder teacher had 60 + children per day (morning and afternoon kinders). Suddenly, she had one named Ed Ed. She was clueless as to who this child was. Our boy also started kinder a year earlier than the other children.

Finally, after a couple days of "Ed Ed," she figured out it was our son. She took him aside and asked him why he was writing "Ed Ed" on his papers? To that question, our son replied, "Because Algernon (not his real name, but w/ same number of letters) Christensen is just too much to write."

That kid of ours sat and figured out the shortest name he could think of and modified it to be his first and last name! To this day, we just giggle at his desire to be more efficient albeit anonymous, LOL.
Thanks for letting me share!

Chris Christensen

Shake said...

Hello, Angie!
Thanks so much for your comment on my blog, I'm so happy for this :)

I have only a little funny thing...
A mine friend (who have only 5 years) when the teacher ask her "describe your family...", she says: I live with mom, Dad and the two little monster (her brothers) :D
I think this is a so funny sentence!!!

I hope to win this so so so pretty candy!!!

hugs and giggle, Albert

Jody said...

ok, it may be more gross than funny. Depends on which side your on. I was bathing my 2 DSs, aged at the time, 4 years and 12 months. As with any child in the tub, little one poo-ed and grabbed it quicker than I could. After wrestling it out of his little hands, 4 year old told me to wash my hands and get the baby some "good" food.
Yeah, I warned you it was gross.

Fiona said...

Angie..I could tell you lots of things that were funny, embarrassing or both but when my now 18 year old son was little say 5 or 6 he liked to be heard...couldn't speak, he had to shout. Now I don't drive and one day were on the bus heading into town to get my mum, his granny, a few bits and bobs, so on the bus I was telling where we were going and what we were buying in each of the shops, he then said in his loud voice on the bus full of people "when we are finished with granny's shopping can we go to the video shop cos I really want to see"The Spy Who Sha**ed me"...well I was mortified but lots of people on the bus found it funny. another day around the same time we went to the chemist to buy some lady stuff..if you know what I mean and he said in his loud voice in the middle of the chemist "is that for your sore bottom"?? I could write a book about embarrassing/funny moments by my son...by the way I like Rene's too!!


Corinne said...

Your story of your son's episode brought back memories of my children when they young. Anyways, when my DD was about 2 years old my aunt and uncle were out visiting from BC and playing where is things with her. When asked where her eyes were she touched her eyes and so on...well when my aunt asked her where her mouth was, she looked around seriously then pointed straight at me. She had us all laughing.

Thanks for the chance to add more stamps to my ever growing collection.


LindaC said...

Our son is grown, and we are older, so the funny stuff is happening to us. Last week my husband volunteered to take my car to the repair shop after I had been in a fender bender. He kissed me good-bye and left. He got all the way into town before he realized he was driving his truck.
What a hoot!

Kim said...

I can't think of anything off the top of my head, unless you call the dog chasing her tail endlessly funny!! You should see her go!! Have enjoyed reading your comments though.

Julie P said...

When my now married daughter was 4 I made her a special checkerboard Birthday cake. This cake was 3 tiers high with cream between each layer ane cream and chocolate flakes on top (enough to feed about 20 people) I had cut 2 or 3pieces and put them onto plates when I asked miss 4, which piece she would like ,she looked down at the plates and pointed to the one with most of the cake still uncut and said ,I'll have that bit please...Everyone burst out laughing as my husband announced she definately takes after me...

She also placed a beanbag ball up her nose at preshool one day..I was 37 weeks pregnant at the time and went into labour in the emergency room waiting to have the Doctor remove the object from her nose with the long nosed pliers..

Hugs Julie

Joanne said...

This story happened when my boys were a lot younger.My oldest is 34 now and my younger son passed away 13 years ago, one day they were raiding in the living room and apparently older son had younger son by his privates.Younger son shouted to me,and this is what he said, Mom,don't you want any grandchildren? It was funny at the time.

Wilfreda said...

My mom and I were driving down the street when she saw a van that belonged to a friend of hers. She wrote a rude/funny note and had me jump out and put it on the window. I could see people looking out the window at me. I just laughed and jumped back in the car and we took off. Later on we found out that it wasn't his van. It belonged to the parents of a girl that I was in school with. Very awkward!!!

Thanks for the chance to win :o) I'll have to tell my mom that I just told this story to the whole world hahahaha!!!

sandra said...

I don't know if this will make you laugh but to me it was hilarious!
My 6 old son is very communicative and he will talk to anybody,and he loves to eat.
One day we were in one shopping center and at the door there was security guy (shaved head,big as mountain)eating chips,and hubby stooped there to wait for me.He didn't notice but weals and Robert(son) were standing next to the guy and in one moment Robert asked him-What are you eating-and guy said-chips do you wont some?
And by the time I get to them they all three were talking like best buddies eating mans chips.

Happy Halloween!
And thanks for the chance!

*Alison* said...

:) -Can you say bipolar 2 year old here is the link to my little girl... we thought it was so funny!! She had gotten a little booboo, she received a band aid for her head.. and a little Tylenol to make the booboo feel better..  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YlfDwSXXA8

I also think very few things in life are funnier than a grown man screaming like a 10year old girl at a Justin Beber concert while flapping his arms like a chicken.. Here my little girl the 2year old is sweet in her little ladybug costume coming down the hall to go show daddy that she can flap her arms and fly like a real ladybug.. My husband happened to walk around the corner, as she walked around the corner and his body literally flew against the wall while screaming at the top of his lungs and flapping his arms into the air, as if he was shooing bees from him....You would think that this grown man who is not small by any means would put up his arms to fight or hit you when you scared him..NOPE!! Girl at a Justin Beber concert doing the chicken dance.. That’s who I am married to :) :) he gives us some good laughs..
Thanks so much for the chance to win.. Crossing my fingers, toes, arms, legs, eyes and anything else I can cross!! HUGS

*Alison* said...

-oh..I guess one persons mortification is another person’s funny!! :) I just potty trained my little girl.. (The 2 year old in the movie above).. We were in a public stall and she was sitting on the toilet trying to go #2.. (Well you have to know my little one to know she is very animated, and not quiet by any stretch of the imagination. Any of you who have children know that when potty training you do anything and everything you can to get your 2 year old to sit on the potty longer than 5 seconds.. So what we do in our house is sing songs.. ) While sitting there Liberty (my little 2year old) said, “Sing mommy!” I said okay.. So I start to QUIETLY sing head, shoulders, knees, and toes. I heard someone at that point come in and go to the stall next to us. I had stopped singing.. So Liberty QUICKLY looks up and says “SING MOMMY!! SING!!” here I am singing again.. Head, shoulders, knees, and toes…all of the sudden you hear this little sweet 2year old voice say “ MOMMY!!... The SNAKES ARE COMING!!.... I MAKE A BIG SNAKE IN THE POTTY MOMMY!!” I am so embarrassed by this time, hearing the woman next to us in the stall laughing at the fact that my little 2year old is calling her “poopy” snakes.. Liberty then says.. “MOMMY I FLUSH THE SNAKES DOWN THE POTTY!! GOOD JOB LIBERTY!!” as she patted herself on the back for doing such a good job going potty…I replied “yes baby good job” as you can imagine my mortification when I came out of the bathroom to find 3 other women standing in line with HUGE grins on their face and trying to hold back the laughs.. I think my face was as bright red as it could possibly be..

I think that's all the funny's I have :)

familybubbles (@) hotmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

This is fun! When my dd was about 2 years old, I was in the kitchen cooking. She walked up to me and pulled on my pants leg. She looked up at me and said, "I'm hungie, mommy, I'm hungie" She meant she was hungry!So now sometimes in our family, we say that we're hungie instead of hungry! Thanks for the chance to win!

Juliep said...

I'm not sure how funny my story will be to everyone else but in going through my daughters scrapbook albums recently it mad me laugh to look back at these pictures in a time when I didn't think it was possible to laugh.

When my duaghter was in 2nd grade, I wanted to take her to get pictures taken. I never got the school pictures. Well, I picked out my all time favorite outfit and proceeded to get her ready. My daughter was normally very quiet and never argued and very rarely threw a temper tantrum but she did this day when she saw the outfit that she was wearing. She started crying saying "no mommy, I can't wear it" and of course I was persistent (was my favorite outfit and she looked so cute in it). After a while of dealing with the crying and trying to calm her down I asked her why all of a sudden she didn't like it anymore (she wore it quite often without a problem) and she responded with a wimpering voice "I can't wear it because Scotty (a boy in her class) told her she looked Sexy. She didn't know what the word meant and thought he was saying she looked ugly. When I explained that Sexy meant pretty, she responded by crying even harder becuase she didn't want a little boy to like her.

My daughter isn't here any longer and it's memories like this that make it a little easier to handle. Thank you for that.

lynn said...

Angie, thought maybe if I left a comment here as I already have you laughing histerically at me here in Arizona...so sorry

Julie P said...

In reading all the potty training stories I recalled a time when potty training my daughter .We were out at the shops and making our regular visit to every public toilet along the way ( she liked to try them all ) I figured I was there I might as well go too . DD pipes up with mummy you've got 'poo' on your pants...Winnie the poo was on the pants daddy and DD had given me for Mothers Day. ..There were many snickers of laughter coming from the very full toilet around me as I red faced tied to sneak out quickly hoping I didn't see anyone familiar. LOL

Hugs Julie

Sharron aka Sharrahug said...

I think the funniest thing that ever happened to me was when I was in my early 20's (many many moons ago) & my girlfriend & I went out dancing. We walked into a dark dance club & she was following right behind me. Mind you.....I thought I was looking pretty good in my super long hair, "hot pants", boots & black pantihose....LOL....(this was the early 70's). Anywho.....my girlfriend was following right behind me when suddenly.......where did I go???? She thought I disappeared! LOL I had walked in thinking I was pretty hot stuff (probably had my nose stuck up in the air) & didn't see a step & you guessed it........I fell right on my face. This was after sliding on my knee & tearing a huge hole in my black nylons. I had blood tripping down my leg from my skinned/burned knee! OMGosh.......I was mortified! Everyone was standing around me saying "she fell on her arse"....LOL....and no one.....not one single person.....helped me up. LOL I will never forget it! btw..........I think my friend was secretly happy cuz she was always the jealous type. hahaha

Hope you got a little giggle out of it! Thanks for the walk down memory lane, Angie!

Huggies ~


Tammy said...

When my son was 10 he had a collection of shells from the beach. So he decided to put a baby shell in his ear with out my knowledge of this. Well a couple days later he told me that his ear was hurting so I took him into the doctors. The doctor noticed something in his ear and scooped it out. Sure enough it was the shell. This is what he told me about why it was in there, " I thought I could hear the ocean better". I was laughing and so was the doctor.

Kat said...

Kids, they are funny arn't they. Well my now 26 year old daughter laughs everytime she puts her slippers on the wrong feet. When she was 4 years old, I was away and my parents had her for the weekend, well when my mom would go shopping she always tooks her with her, the first stop was the post office, then to the drug store for her lotto ticket and then to the grocery store. Well my mom had went to the elderly lady next door to help her with something. My daughter took it upon herself to do my mom's errands. First she went to the post office, then to the drug store and then the grocery store. My cousin who worked at the grocery store said Kayla why are you here, she answered "nanny is busy is with Mrs. Burton, I have to shop for her. So my cousin gave her a loaf a bread and sent her on her merry way. She then proceeded to go home. By the time she got home which is only 5 mins from the store, my cousin had called my dad and told him what happened, as far as he knew she was going next door to play. He asked her why she went and she didn't answer. So when I got home we were sitting at the dinner table and my Dad was filling me in, and then he said kayla maybe you can tell your mom why you went to the store without asking......this is the response she gave."well mommy, my shoes were on the wrong feet I went the wrong way". I didn't know what to say, my poor dad, god rest his soul spit his tea across the table that day. To this day when I think about it, I still chuckle to myself lol. Thanks again for giving me the chance to win :)


scrapaholic paperjunkie said...

I'm back again Angie - after reading some of the silly things that have happened to people, I remember one incident that was so embarrassing....
We were living in a very small town and I was very pregnant with our 3rd son. I would dress the children up and we would go downtown to shop. It was a very hot summer day and I had on a very loose dress. While walking along I felt something around my ankles -- it was my half slip -- it had fallen down and was at my feet in a puddle. I just gingerly stepped out of it - picked it up, put it in my bag and kept walking....... trying to retain what was left of my dignity....... but my oldest little guy (5) said in his very loudest voice... "Mommy good thing your panties didn't fall down"!! Raising children is sometimes a little embarrassing.......lol
rubber hugs, inky wishes, Cricut chirps and Cuttlebug squishes,

Craftin Kay said...

Angie, In July a friend and I were on our way back from her home in Florida and we spent the night in a motel. I wanted to get on line to check my emails etc., the only place you could access the web was in the lobby or by the indoor pool. I decided to go for the pool area, I didn't stay long it was too hot. I was walking thru the pool area looking out the windows and walked right into the kiddy pool, shoes and all. I was so impressed with my self I kept on walking like nothing had happened.I held my computer up in the air like the water was deep. My friend and I had a good laugh over it.

Linda I.
Linda I.

Lori said...

Hi Angie! What a FUN idea for your candy!!! Thank you so much for the laughs : )

Both of these stories are my own, not my kids (go figure!)

I was driving my girlfriend to a nearby town not more than 10 miles away. You'd think that the freeway would be the quickest way to go... well, it was fine for awhile, but then came to a halt. It was summertime and HOT! We were both getting irritable and complaining about the traffic cutting in when I noticed an RV inching up on our left side and passing us - followed by a compact car inching up and also passing us. I looked...and looked again. I exclaimed, "There's no one driving that car! THERE'S NO ONE DRIVING THAT CAR!!!" Without skipping a beat, my friend calmly explained, "Of course there's no one driving, it's being towed by the RV!" To this day, we'll roll on the floor laughing about my stupidity!!! I'm cracking myself up with tears as I write this tee hee!!!

One more story I'd like to share with you is when I was with my friend (same one as above - we have the BEST laughs when we're together)in Southern California for a road trip. We decided to have Chinese Food for dinner and found a restaurant that looked good. After deciding what we both liked so we could split the meal, the waitress came to take our order. "We'll have Almond Chicken with white rice please." The Asian woman wrote down our order and asked, "You want duck?" We both hesitated, looking at each other... No, we want chicken. She repeated, "Duck? You want duck or white meat?" We politely held our belly laughs until she was out of earshot!!!

Thanks Angie : )

Love and hugs ~ Lori

jamiegee said...

This isn't about kids or potty training...but it was a really funny and embarrassing family moment. My Mother, sister and I were avid yard-sale junkies. We would drive around the ritzy neighborhoods just looking for some goodies. We arrived at a house where the streets were just jammed with cars, and people were streaming across lawns to get to the back yard where the "sale" was being held. Well, we hurriedly jumped out of the car and joined the throngs headed for the sale. We were almost at the gate when we heard someone talking about the "party". We were mortified! Never have you seen three women move so fast to the safety of the car. We had almost crashed a Bar Mitzvah!



Becca Fabozzi said...

Cute story about your little one!!!! I have two little ones myself, but of course, cannot think of a single funny story right now, oooo the pressure :)
So, I am going to tell a teaching story instead. One my very first day teaching sixth grade, I told the kids that I wanted to develop a secret language with them for them to be able to tell me that they had to go to the bathroom, without disturbing the entire class. So, i told them, instead of raising of their hands and asking to go to the bathroom while I was in the middle of teaching, that they could give me the "thumbs up" sign, and I would know that this meant that they needed to go to the bathroom, and then I would excuse them.
So, the weeks went on, learning continued, etc. One day, in the middle of a lesson, this little girl in the back gives me a thumbs up. It was awesome! I was thinking to myself, "WOW, what a great lesson I am giving, I must be ROCKING it today. She is giving me thumbs up, this is great....:" I was so proud of myself. Then this same little girl raises her thumb up in the air and stands up at her desk, doing a little dance. Again, I thought, "WOW, I am amazing. she is totally loving this lesson, and giving me a standing ovation now. This is going down in history as the GREATEST LESSON of all TIME!!!!" I was grinning ear to ear, completely proud of myself.
Then, the bell rang, and the little girl, SPRINTED out of class. She came back to my room after break, and I was still patting myself on the back for the fantastic lesson I had given. I walked up to this little girl and said, "so, you really liked that lesson huh? " Her response was, "Mrs. Fabozzi, I have no idea what you were teaching, I was giving you the signal that I had to pee, and you kept looking at me and smiling. Why didnt you let me go to the bathroom?"

OMG, I totally forgot my own signal!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will never forget that day, or that poor little girl that I made hold it, I really did think I deserved a medal for that lesson though!!!! LOL

Shelley said...

Having three sons close in age can keep you laughing all the time. When my youngest ( six at the time) called me at work one morning and told me that he had the same problem as his two older brothers had had. I was puzzled by what he meant so asked him to explain. He said , you know the twisting of those things between my legs. Both his brothers had tortions of their (you know whats) and he said that he had the same thing. He was right! Surgery was scheduled for later that day and he sat in the doctors lounge at the hospital where I worked until I was finished with my job as an O. R. nurse.

today he is finishing up medical school. Even then he could diagnose medical problems.

justbugginout said...

ok... here is a funny story from my now 6 year old (the story is from last year)

I was making a turkey for Thanksgiving for my brother and his family to come over, I was washing the bird in the sink and my daughter had a chair pulled up and was standing on it to watch me. You must know that my brother is a very large man about 6'3" and 300 lbs. My daughter said wow that chicken is fat like uncle donald, and I scolded her and said "Katie, that's not nice." She quickly had a remorseful face and very honestly said, "Sorry chicken." LOL kids are the funniest.

Marlena M. said...

We just recently retired from the military life. However, about 5 years ago, on the way back from an overseas tour, I had a memorable moment in an airport bathroom. My 6 year old daughter was standing outside of my stall with my eight year old. She loudly told me that a woman had asked her where she was flying to next. I asked her what she answered.
She said, "Oh, I didn't tell her momma. I said 'I don't know'." I was relieved. We military families are very sensitive about giving out personal information, because many times we spouses are left to "keep down the fort".
Well, I told her "good girl" and then irritation hit, and momma bear kicked in and I said to her in a loud voice, "That woman should not have asked you that. Don't people think about the safety of other children? She was just being nosy, but that could have put you in danger of predators near by..." on and on I went.
Then my daughter replied, "Oh, and one more thing, she is IN THIS BATHROOM". There were only six stalls.
You could have heard a pin drop.

RubyM:) said...

HIYA ANGIE LOL!!! I have a story and pixs to go with it LOL!! I actually posted the story on my blog.I hope that's ok i didn't want to fill a whole novel here which i tend to do lol!!!Here is a link to my poisting.Thanks for giving us a chance to win yummy candy(((hugs)))RubyM:)


Paula said...

OK, not sure if this is funny or just embarrassing! I was leaving the gym one morning (very early, 5:30ish) and went to unlock my car with the key remote (which was in my hand)...it didn't unlock?? Huh? So I tried again, still nothing. Then I stood there and thought I was going to have to call my DH and wake him up to come and unlock the door with our spare key. Then it hit me! O-M-G, I was standing there with the KEY in my HAND but had forgotten that you can use the actual key to unlock the door, GENIUS! Of course I looked around to make sure no one saw me - Boy, did I feel dumb!! (oh the battery in the key remote had died and just need replacing)

Nadine Cunha said...

I had decided to start Volunteering at the hospital, and had to go get a TB shot, the nurse asked me if I was a new volunteer, I'm 77 and I said no I'm a old one. We both laughed.
Nadine Cunha

Autumn said...

OMGosh, my kids do funny stuff all the time, but dang it if I can think of something on the spot! I did come up with something, though Im not sure you'll laugh or feel sorry for me. So, one night(fairly recently) me and DS#2(aged 6) are on our way to the ER...he's got bad allergies to we don't know what and had some serious hives going on. Anyway, were driving along all quiet and outta nowhere he says "Mom, if a Doctor can give a boy an operation to turn him into a girl can he then have babies too?" My first question "What makes you think a doc can do that" Answer:"Just think he can" Me:ok, let's say he can, YOU don't want to BE a GIRL do you? DS: Laughs, NO!! I'd love him anyway's, but that is something I soo do not want to deal with! That boy is always coming up with weird questions like that to ask me, I just do not know where his head it! Hope you get some chuckles out of reading all of these...at least you know you're not alone!
Have a good one!

jennifer said...

wonderful candy!

today on the way home from parent-teacher conferences our kindergartner was talking about how she was playing with this little boy and he wandered off leaving her alone. I was explaining how she had three choices - play alone, find someone else or catch up with her friend.

my husband chimed in - yeah you don't want to be an old man like me with no friends.

well our second grader turns to her sister and said daddy said you are going to be an old man with no friends, to which our kindergartner replied - I don't want an old man!!!

Kellene said...

My family was spending Thanksgiving at my parents home several years ago now. They had a dog at the time and had it's food and water bowl under the table for him. My then 2 year old son was under the table with the dog and apparently in very close proximity to the dishes, because as soon as my mom came around the corner and saw my son crouched there she asked "Bryson, are you eating the dog food?" He looked at her with disgust and replied, "No. I not a dog!"

Thanks for all the laughs! I have enjoyed these tales soooo much!

Janette said...

how sweet of you to offer candy! My youngest daughter says the funniest things. One day she was sitting on the floor with our dog petting her. Then the dog "tooted" and my daughter plugs her nose and says " Wow girl- you're a good pass gas-er!" It sure made me smile and hope it does you too :)

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